How much do Pals make an hour?

I’m glad you asked!

Pals that are servicing a Labor Only job have the ability to earn up to $16 an hour for that job!

Pals who are servicing a Truck and Labor job and are asked to move or transport items for customers have the ability to earn $24 an hour job!

As a Pal what will I be asked to do?

Request will vary. Some customers may ask of you to show some muscle and help them move in or out of their home. Some may ask for help transporting items from point A to point B. If you do not own a truck you have the option to accept or decline moving jobs only. If you own a truck you have the option to chose what type of job you want to do whether moving or transporting items from location specified.

What kind of equipment will I be supplied with as a Pal?

Pals are responsible for their own hauling and moving equipment like straps, tools, blankets, and any other related supplies.

How do Pal ratings work?

At Trucke we pride ourselves at making sure the customer has the best moving experience possible. After each request, you will be rated from a customer. Pals with too low of a rating will no longer be allowed to work with Trucke. Ratings can change with every Request.

How do I become a Pal?

The process is super easy! Just click on the Apply Now button below to get started!

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