What will a Trucke Pal do for me?

Trucke Pals can offer you a wide variety of assistance in order to get the job done. Ways that Trucke has been used in the past:

  • Local move
    • If you provide your own transportation (box truck, trailers, etc.) for moving then your Pals at Trucke can provide the muscle to help you move to your new place!
  • Moving within a single location (apartments, dorms, etc)
    • Pals can help you load or unload items at one location
  • Home/Facility redecoration or rearrangement
    • Pals can help you move and rearrange things within your home
  • Local Delivery/Transport of Items
    • Pals can use their pickup trucks to help you get your new items home by helping you load and unload your items into and out of their pickup trucks

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What's the biggest move you can handle?

Your Pals at Trucke are perfect for small and medium scale moves. Please keep in mind that Trucke Pals are willing individuals within your community, not professional movers. We are passionate about moving your belongings, but at the same time we want to make sure we always look out for your best interest. So if you wish to move fragile or antique items we recommend that you use a traditional moving company. Otherwise if you are moving out of a 1-4 bedroom home with items that are reasonably sturdy we’re perfect for you!

Do all Trucke Pals come with a truck?

When scheduling a delivery, a Trucke Pal will come with a pickup truck to help you load and unload your items.

When scheduling a local move, you will have to provide and operate your own moving transportation. Your Pals at Trucke will provide the muscle to tackle your big move!

How much notice does Trucke need to help me move or transport my items?

With Trucke we give you the ability to schedule anytime, even within 2 hours.

Can my Pals pack for me?

Of course we can, we love that kind of stuff! If you have the supplies and don’t mind our Pals adding on an extra hour or two then let’s get to packing!

How do I pay for a Trucke transaction and how much does it cost?

The Trucke payment method is completely cashless, making things easy and convenient. Simply add your payment info when you schedule a Trucke Pal, and your card will automatically be charged once the job is complete. You are charged:

$36 per pal/hr for Labor Only
- 90 minute minimum
- Price prorated after the first 90 minutes

$45 for the first hour [10 miles or less] for Labor + Truck
- Additional 99 cents per mile (after 10 miles)
- Additional 99 cents per minute (after the first hour)

$65 for the first hour [10 miles or less] for Labor + Truck w/ an extra Pal
- Additional 99 cents per mile (after 10 miles)
- Additional $1.49 per minute (after the first hour)

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We do have a minimum charge to make sure our Trucke Pals are always fairly compensated for their work.

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Can I ride with a Trucke Driver?

As much as we’d love having you ride along, sadly we must ask our Pals to refrain from it. Any Trucke driver who transports a user during the transaction is doing so completely under their own personal insurance and liability. This is not a service that Trucke provides. This breaches your agreement with Trucke. Please use your best judgment and proceed with caution before getting in a vehicle with another person.

What happens when a Trucke Pal is not available?

If all Trucke Pals are booked or unavailable please contact the Trucke Team at: customerservice@getatrucke.com or call us at 1-855-485-3279. Our customer service line is open from 10am-6pm Mon-Sun.

What about my pet?

Sorry! We’d love to move with your amazing friend, but we are not allowed to transport any people or pets.

How do you keep Trucke Customers safe?

All Trucke Pals are thoroughly background and DMV checked before being allowed to move and transport items. Additionally, as a customer, you have the opportunity to rate & review each Trucke Pal after your job.

How do I book Trucke Pals?

The process is super easy! Just click on the Make A Request button below to get started!

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